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Sarah Palin or George W. Bush

I know they don’t look alike, but I still get them confused. Maybe you can help me out here. Which one is it that loves big oil? I also heard that one of them has a daughter or two that like to party just a bit too much. Anti-abortion and pro abstinence education and a huge darling [...]

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Trucker Energy Saving Ingenuity

For years, truckers have been urinating in bottles and throwing them out of the window to save time as they speed to their next job. With fuel prices so high, a trucker’s priorities have changed from saving time to saving fuel, but the methodology stays the same.
Everyone now knows that slowing down will save gas, but more [...]

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Stupid, Lazy, or Corrupt - You Decide

Thomas Friedman writes about how Denmark responded to the 1973 oil crises by becoming energy independent while growing their economy. In 1973 they got 99% of their energy from the Middle East, and decided that just wasn’t going to work for them. By raising taxes on fossil fuel and lowering income taxes, they created an [...]

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