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Kudzu - Rock Band or Cuddly Doll

Neither, kudzu is a fast growing vine that has various nutritional and medicinal uses (it even helps with hangovers - I kid you not. Look it up!) the US Natural Resources Conservation Service encouraged southern farmers to use from 1935 -1950 for control of ground erosion. The problem is that this Japanese import grows completely out [...]

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Again China is Beating US

With all of the attention on the Olympics, Americans are learning that China is more than something you register to get as a wedding gift. Previously, I ranted about how the Chinese are beating us at our own mediocrity game, and now they have gone and beaten us again.
According to the obvious physical appearance of [...]

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So She Can’t Sing. She Sure Is Cute

No, I’m not referring to Britney Spears, or Ashlee/Jessica Simpson, I’m referring to nine-year-old Lin Miaoke who lip-synched a great performance at the Olympic opening ceremonies. According to Reuters, US bloggers are enraged that the Chinese swapped out Yang Peiyi, the real singer, because she had crooked teeth. How dare the Chinese ruin such a beautiful moment with such [...]

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