Too Good for His Own Good

Barach’s Law is very clear. To have America reward you, you need to excel at mediocrity - not excel. Sadly, 9-year-old pitcher Jericho Scott had to learn this the hard way. The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven, CT told his coach that the boy couldn’t pitch any more. When Jericho took the mound anyway, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left.

This is a sad example of how America can’t tolerate to much excellence, and so they walk away and let it whither. Excellence is too frightening. Why elect public officials that are brilliant when we can elect ones that are folksy, just like us? Why patron an excellent local restaurant when Applebee’s is local everywhere?

The Youth Baseball League of New Haven are actually doing more of a disservice to the other children in the league than they are to Jericho Scott. He’ll probably play with older kids and end up making millions of dollars in MLB, while the other kids will have missed out on an opportunity to really be challenged, instead of being coddled.

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