Big Mac over KFC 23,000 to 0

Don Gorske of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin has eaten 23,000 Big Macs since May 17th, 1972 - that’s about 1.75 a day, every day (except the day his mother died, per her request) over 36 years. Don says that it’s the highlight of his day, since he loves them so much. What even more astonishing is that he’s 54-years-old and still alive.

Apparently Don hasn’t tried Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, a recipe so secret, that KFC is completely revamping the security on the recipe that only two company executives have access to it at any given time, and no one knows who they are. Apparently, having it locked in a cabinet with two locks, behind a door with three locks, all inside a vault, wasn’t enough. Still, if that’s all you’ve got going and it’s making you $5.3 billion a year, then by all means - beef up security.

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