School is Now a Job

Washington, D.C. has now joined Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, New York, and Virginia in paying students to succeed in school. Apparently, it’s not enough that school is free (for the students, not the taxpayers), D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee seems to think that children need to be compensated for taking something that is already being given to them for free. According to Rhee, the old method of detention, suspension, and summer school isn’t an incentive to get kids to succeed in school. She wants kids to be “invested in their education… and take ownership of their learning.” Invested, ownership - sounds like Capitalism, so it must be time to pull out the cash.

Let me make sure I get this. Children today have such a strong sense of entitlement that they feel they are doing America a favor by succeeding in school and should be paid for it - and lawmakers agree with this. If the kids are getting paid, that means that these local governments are essentially employing these children to learn. School is now a job.

I think we should take this to it’s next logical step. If a child is being paid to do well in school, aka, at their job, then if they don’t do well, they should be fired. They can then apply for a worse paying school/job and if they get accepted, they will be allowed to work there. If they can’t find a school/job that will take them, it’s their own damn fault and should end up on the street. The system isn’t letting them down, the system is letting the kids take ownership of their learning.

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