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No Frakkin’ Way

McCain and Tigh were both decorated pilots and wars prisoners that were tortured. They’re both crotchety old men, and McCain has had so much of his skin replaced, he’s practically artificial, like Tigh.
Palin is just a hockey mom who ended up innocently in power, just like Roslin, a teacher who didn’t expect to find herself [...]

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Sarah Palin or George W. Bush

I know they don’t look alike, but I still get them confused. Maybe you can help me out here. Which one is it that loves big oil? I also heard that one of them has a daughter or two that like to party just a bit too much. Anti-abortion and pro abstinence education and a huge darling [...]

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Vladimir Putin is Dangerous

Putin’s not dangerous because of his stranglehold on Russian government, or his invasion of Georgia. He’s dangerous because he’s physically the equivalent of James Bond. I don’t mean the pansy-ass Roger Moore version of James Bond, but the kick-ass Daniel Craig style. Of course, Putin was KGB, so unlike Daniel Craig, he really was an ass-kicking spy.
Putin’s [...]

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Again China is Beating US

With all of the attention on the Olympics, Americans are learning that China is more than something you register to get as a wedding gift. Previously, I ranted about how the Chinese are beating us at our own mediocrity game, and now they have gone and beaten us again.
According to the obvious physical appearance of [...]

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Three’s Company

W’s third Attorney General, Michael Mukasey must be very proud. After all, following John “Tap that Wire” Ashcroft and Alberto “Geneva = Quaint” Gonzales is pretty intimidating. Still, he’s off to a great start in making sure the Justice Department is looking out for justice department.
Mukasey announced that there will be no criminal prosecutions for former Justice [...]

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Stupid, Lazy, or Corrupt - You Decide

Thomas Friedman writes about how Denmark responded to the 1973 oil crises by becoming energy independent while growing their economy. In 1973 they got 99% of their energy from the Middle East, and decided that just wasn’t going to work for them. By raising taxes on fossil fuel and lowering income taxes, they created an [...]

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Obama is not Black

We all know that Barack Obama’s father is African and mother is white. That makes him white, not black. Why you ask? Well, according to Jewish law, a person is what their mother is, not their father. Obama’s mother is white, so he is white.
But, you may say, Obama isn’t Jewish, he is Muslim (isn’t [...]

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John McCain is Officially the Antichrist

The Nation reports that the respected True Bible Society in Colorado Springs has uncovered startling evidence that Senator John McCain may be the Antichrist. Like the Antichrist, John McCain:

Comes from Romanian heritage - his grandfather’s last name was Mihai, a Romanian name that means “who is like the Lord”
Wants to stay in Iraq for another 100 years - [...]

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