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A CEO Disgraced

It became publicly known with Kenneth Lay upon the collapse of Enron, passed through Carly Fiorina of HP after a 50% drop in revenue and the layoff of 20,000 people, and most recently was unjustly denied to Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. CEO’s have a self-evident right to award [...]

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Kids in Texas Grow Up Fast Like

While we’re on the topic of Texas children and driving, Corpus Christi, Texas Police spotted a 12-year-old boy driving his grandmother’s car. When they tried to stop him, he led them on a 60 mph chase before swerving to avoid spikes in the road and crashing into a fence. That’s what they call growing up fast in [...]

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Justice Against Americans

Why does the US Government hate Americans? Apparently, Attorney General Michael Mukasey is preparing to give the FBI broad new authority to investigate Americans — without any clear basis for suspicion that they are committing a crime. Additionally, the rules may also authorize the FBI to use an array of problematic investigative techniques. Among these are pretext interviews, [...]

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Twelve-Year-Old Designated Driver

AP reports that a 35-year-old woman was arrested in Longview, Texas after admitting that she had her twelve-year-old daughter drive her to a bar. Let’s see one of those Chinese gymnasts do that! Yeah! We still got it!

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Three’s Company

W’s third Attorney General, Michael Mukasey must be very proud. After all, following John “Tap that Wire” Ashcroft and Alberto “Geneva = Quaint” Gonzales is pretty intimidating. Still, he’s off to a great start in making sure the Justice Department is looking out for justice department.
Mukasey announced that there will be no criminal prosecutions for former Justice [...]

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